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The Hatchet Job award was established in 2011 by literary website The Omnivore to honor "the angriest, funniest, most trenchant'' review published in a newspaper or magazine.
60 Minutes' Christians of the Holy Land: Yes, it's a hatchet job Carl is an Orthodox Jew - some would even call me 'ultra-Orthodox' born in Boston but living now in Jerusalem.
Let's hope that the likes of Panorama aren't just about novelty value for the sake of their own viewing figures and can actually continue to do a hatchet job on this appalling organisation over the coming years.
It is suspected that Ali, along with suspects Younus and Nassar, planned the attack, and that Ali recruited the gang that carried out the hatchet job.
And the SEA and its members are pretty ticked off about what they view as a PR hatchet job that made them seem like the perpetrators of a senseless crime when all along they may actually have been the victims.
At a time when she is the front-runner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, this is an obvious hatchet job.
Appearing on the newspaper's editorial page (hardly an inconsequential bit of space), Cohen's hatchet job insists that the Guide is "historically wrong," "full of dubious assertions," and replete with "ideologically loaded" arguments.
He was right to call Kandell and the Times on what they did, but in what way does his hatchet job on SITE Santa Fe raise the level of discourse above comparable snideness or, rather, lower the standards of criticism in Artforum's pages to any lesser degree?
Grangetown ward councillor Lynn Pallister, who is involved in FROG (Future Regeneration of Grangetown), criticised the report, saying: "It was doom and gloom, a hatchet job.
Financing the ad is none other than a Houston developer and major Republican contributor named Bob Perry, who coughed up a hundred grand for this hatchet job.
I just slogged through Jacob Sullum's lengthy hatchet job on the CSPI, and I must say I am disappointed.
This was illustrated several weeks ago with a prominent article by one Amy White, billed as a political speech writer, who took up most of the page doing a hatchet job on Hillary Clinton.
Sadly, this book is without such complex recognitions--as many in the poetry community have commented, it is simply a hatchet job.