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a band around the crown of a hat just above the brim

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All the men and maids of the house, the old women of the Alms House, whom the elder Sir Pitt had cheated out of a great portion of their due, the parish clerk's family, and the special retainers of both Hall and Rectory were habited in sable; added to these, the undertaker's men, at least a score, with crapes and hatbands, and who made goodly show when the great burying show took place--but these are mute personages in our drama; and having nothing to do or say, need occupy a very little space here.
Sam dutifully adjusted the hat with the long hatband more firmly on his father's head, and the old gentleman, resuming his kicking with greater agility than before, tumbled with Mr.
It is replete with a classic two-inch brim, upscale hatband with bow tie side closure, and an interior sweatband with satin-trim accenting.
For the hatband, glue a strip of brown paper around the hat.
Distinctive in his white stetson with its silver hatband and his handtooled boots, the King of the Cowboys came to England early in 1954 with his wife Dale Evans, whom he had met a decade before on the set of the film The Cowboy and the Senorita.
Top things off with a fresh raffia sun hat by the Wallaroo Hat Company with built-in wire-edged brim for shaping and colored braided leather with wooden beads around the hatband for a little Southern flair.
It had two 3-inch stacked barrels, a rounded bird's-head grip, a low-profile hammer spur and a nonsnag spur trigger, features that made it easy to draw from a waistcoat, jacket or trouser pocket, hatband, purse, stocking-top, waistband or boot.
hatband, FanAddict Female eau de parfum spray, Swarovski crystal Rockin' Boot Bling and lanyard, Dazzling Darlin' earrings, Official Starr Wear Fun Wraps, FanAddict Female Party
87) Commentators remarked disapprovingly on the fact that the highwayman Jack Rann "wore a Hatband and white Ribbands, the latter said to be intended as a declaration of his Innocence" to his 1774 execution, although Rann was reported to "have said in prison, that he would not wish to be thought to die in an impudent manner; nor would he have gone in his hat adorned with a crape hatband and white cockades, if he had not been told it was decent.
With four nephews to contend with, my poor mother ended up sleeping on the living room lounge for five years while making ends meet as a manager in her brother-in-law Philip's Lower East Side hatband factory.
Later I was given all the photographs together with an original hatband bearing the name HMS Hood.
But night threatened; his hatband was a bush of lighting candles; he tried to cry but no tears came; he painted a field coloured like angry sunflowers where crows were gathering, where earth-coloured paths led suddenly off the canvass; his yellows grew too hot, and the sky filled with a black rain (p.
Look closely at the hatband and see if you can decipher the meaning of the three stylized letters so appropriate to the artist's predicament.
She remembers her very first hat; in fact, as she picks up a child's brown felt hat with ribbon ties and a matching hatband with streamers, "I know it was a little brown hat - I think this probably is it," she says.
The full expression is, "As queer as Dick's hatband - went round thrice and wouldn't tie.