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Synonyms for hasty

Synonyms for hasty

Synonyms for hasty

excessively quick


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done with very great haste and without due deliberation

References in classic literature ?
She resolved not to be hasty, and strolled through all the rooms once more, gazing earnestly upon the various ornaments and trying to decide which she would touch.
Cedric darted at the forward damsel a glance of hasty resentment; but Rowena, and whatever belonged to her, were privileged and secure from his anger.
Then Quiteria, overcome with modesty and shame, holding in her right hand the hand of Basilio, said, "No force would bend my will; as freely, therefore, as it is possible for me to do so, I give thee the hand of a lawful wife, and take thine if thou givest it to me of thine own free will, untroubled and unaffected by the calamity thy hasty act has brought upon thee."
"Nobody does that out here--exceptin' during the services," she had said sharply to her daughter-in-law when Rose had told her of the hasty trip she and her aunt had made to the largest town in the county.
"'Twas hasty puddin', as ye say," said her husband, "and hurry-up turnips and get-a-move-on-ye coffee.
A hasty pursuit and brief search of the grounds in the belief that the trespasser was some one secretly visiting a servant proving fruitless, he entered at the unlocked door and mounted the stairs to my mother's chamber.
It is scarcely the province of an author to refute the arguments of his censors and vindicate his own productions; but I may be allowed to make here a few observations with which I would have prefaced the first edition, had I foreseen the necessity of such precautions against the misapprehensions of those who would read it with a prejudiced mind or be content to judge it by a hasty glance.
(11) In this formulation, an "assemblage of notes" first exists as physical force (and an occasion of experience in the sense Hasty proposes), and then it becomes a constellation, a spiritual force, a recollection, rallied into a history of dynamic memories.
NewsRx publisher Susan Hasty will serve as co-editor at VerticalNews.
The head of Myanmar's ruling military junta on Tuesday warned against ''hasty'' moves to democratize, saying the country is in a transitional stage of revolution from a one-party socialist system to a multiparty democratic one.
Hasty air assault operations give an infantry company, battalion, and brigade the flexibility to project a fighting force in both offensive and defensive operations.
That proved to be critical, according to the newspaper's attorney, John Hasty of Charlotte.
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts: Guest of honour Billy Crystal had to work for Harvard's Hasty Pudding Man of the Year Award.
Last year, public-interest groups filed a suit against the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service alleging that the agreement was a hasty, backdoor deal (SN: 5/9/98, p.
The suit pits Ed Weintrob, a Brooklyn native who has published local papers in the borough since 1978, against Dozier Hasty, an Atlanta-born businessman who also publishes Brooklyn community, papers.