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Synonyms for haste

Synonyms for haste

Synonyms for haste

the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner

a condition of urgency making it necessary to hurry


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But, like any shiny, seemingly perfect social media visage, there's always more to it, and Haste's food, fitness (he's a total gym bunny) and eating habits are all intrinsically connected.
"This is part of the reason we went both feet in on Amazon," Haste said.
In a statement at the three-day conclave of the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) here, the RSS said, "It was not binding on the state government to implement the decision in any stipulated time frame, but without understanding the nuances of the judgment, the state government has shown undue haste and political ill-will towards the Hindu society by facilitating forcible entry of non-Hindu and non-devotee women in the temple."
Fisher said Thursday that Haste, after attempting to administer a field sobriety test and six attempts to get Scott to participate in a breath test to determine his level of intoxication, offered to drive Scott to a nearby Denny's restaurant or make a phone call to have someone pick him up.
The bench announced the verdict, thus maintaining ATC's decree and rejected the argument of Imran's counsel that the ATC had handed in the decision in haste. Justice Sadaqat Ali Khan remarked that no objections should be raised if courts decided cases in time.
The Committee has made it yet again amply clear that Pakistan is not responsible for the US failures in Afghanistan and described the US President's latest outburst as quite unfortunate but still it will not react in haste and remain committed to playing a constructive role in an Afghan-owned peace process not only for the sake of its own people but also for peace and security of the region and international community.
With high-output lasers and easy one-button, constant-on operation, the Haste, Chase and Rush outperform the competition and offer users a better way to make the shot.
Chest Major Attributes : Health [DPS and Skill build], Health On Kill [PvP DPS build], Exotic Damage Resilience [DPS, PvP builds], Skill Haste [Skill build]
"Marry in Haste" by Susan Van Kirk is the story of two lives lived over a hundred years apart, both of which illustrate the resilience of women in the small town of Endurance.
As hastes das plantas cresceram sobre o solo e quando a haste principal da planta atingiu cerca de 1,5 m foi conduzida no sentido vertical, utilizando fita plastica.
Para a regulagem do torque dos cilindros, adotou-se a metodologia proposta por SALES (2011), o qual recomenda, como posicao de medida para a fixacao do dinamometro, a [3.sup.[a.bar]] haste da base do cilindro e a 450mm do cilindro ate a ponta da haste.
pace, one of 'continual haste' (123.12)." (2) Howard
Pc Carole Haste of the Kirklees safeguarding team, said: "There will have been a number of people in the town centre on Sunday afternoon, and I would appeal to anyone who may have seen the man and woman arguing to come forward."
This month though, Wonga has made a very public show of unveiling its new chairman, Andy Haste, who is a veteran of two long-running and almost venerable city institutions, AXA SunLife and RSA Insurance.
Since striking the Newcastle United deal the finance firm has also gone on to support other local groups, including the Newcastle United women's football team, and what Mr Haste's reported comments mean for them is unclear.