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an insignia worn to indicate years of service

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(Stadia are small lines interspersed with wider lines that ascend in width.) The horizontal crosswire also has two minute-of angle (MOA) hashmarks for wind-age adjustment.
We met [Sergeant Major] "Hashmark" [Johnson], Sergeant Major Huff.
Once the ball has advanced into the front court, both wings have maintained their wide spacing by sprinting to the second hashmark (in the front-court on their respective side) and then slashing directly at a diagonal angle to the basket in a typical "3 on 2" fastbreak type of action, with the 1-man dribbling the ball in the center of the court.
There are hashmarks on the reticle to either side of the center circle/dot at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mils, for windage and lead.
With a 200-yard zero you've got elevation hashmarks out to 600 yards, with cascading wind dots for 10 mph full-value winds.
Washington fielded the kickoff at the 3-yard line, headed up the left hashmark and used blocks by Keith Lewis and Chris Solomona to break through the initial wave of Bruins.
It was clean from the left hashmark with 31 seconds left.
1, we set the ball on our right hashmark and deploy our four fastest cover guys (usually DB-types) on the sideline side of the hash.
1, after a touchdown we would have our center line up on the left hashmark and the guards, tackles, and left end set up on either side of him in narrow splits with their backs to the goal line.
With different size AR 500 steel plates at various yardages, the practice provided an opportunity to confirm which hashmark to use at specific 1 ranges.
Harrington kneels at the left hashmark and reaches for the snap from center Dan Weaver.
A hunter who set his Magic Reticle scope on 9X so the bottom hashmark was dead-on at 500 yards might turn the scope down to 4X when passing through woods, then forget to turn it up again when he saw a deer 500 yards away.
In two-deep coverage, the seam may extend to inside the hashmark. When a defender comes off a seam, it means someone else is the defense must take it over.
Using the first hashmark, the 150-grain bullet landed spot-on at 300 yards and the next hashmark down put things in-line at 400.
They align at the 35-yard line facing the kicker, halfway between the hashmark and the sideline.