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an insignia worn to indicate years of service

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After your target is ranged, you've got to dig out and reference your chart and find the appropriate reticle hash mark before you can aim and fire.
Electronic edits are tracked by color for each editor; notes are left in "notes mode." While print proofs are still produced and marked for the weekly, "carets" and "hash marks" are becoming historical oddities unknown to the general newsroom.
(9) Lexicalized fingerspelled signs, very rare in ESL, are marked by hash mark (#) before the glossed sign.
hash mark on the bottle is great for the low end of the angle if yours has them.)
The drill continues with #2 sprinting to the next hash mark and executing the same V-cut.
For every violent word on the list spoken by any staff member, one token is subtracted, and a hash mark added beside the offending word on the master list.
If an entire hard drive has to be copied, Luther said lawyers will have to use software, as noted by Milbrath, that attaches a hash mark or hash function to the data.
Makers of pro lenses once recognized this fact by engraving a red dot or hash mark on lens barrels so exacting photographers could focus normally, and then manually rotate the barrel back to the IR focus mark.
Another option involves running a data or image file through a mathematical process to generate a shorter symbolic reference to the original file, called a "hash mark," that is unique to that particular file.
When the CDS dial arrived a week later, I carefully removed the standard elevation dial and replaced it with the CDS, set at the 200-yard hash mark. Then I waited for a reasonably calm day to head to the Virgil Binkley Range of the Broadwater Rod & Gun Club, where my wife and I are both lifetime members.
"He's perfectly suited for that role,'' Andreoli said, "where he comes off the hash mark, when the ball commits he gets to the linebacker level, he stays inside out, and he's a physical tackler.
On first down, after a nice run by quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, the offense lined up on the left hash mark with a slot set to the right side of the field.
* Toward the wide side or short side of the field (hash mark tendencies).
The goal was set up by the hard work of Rylan Schwartz, who outworked a Penguins defender along the right wall before feeding to Hamilton at the right hash mark.
Moving the football past the next hash mark is one third of a day's work.