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an inexpensive restaurant

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30th Anniversary of the Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers
Proud of having "Half a Mind since 1972," Seoul Hash House Harriers is Korea's oldest continuous kennel and was founded in June 1972 by Ian Young, originally from Hong Kong H3.
Class A (fell runners, long race): 1 R Roberts (Eryri) 3-30.02, 2 M Fortes (Eryri) 3-30.19, 3 D Harris (Chester Tri, M40) 3-34.07, 4 K Sutor (Cheshire Hash House) 3-36.10, 5 J McQueen (Eryri, M40) 3-44.51, 6 M Belshaw (Eryri, M50) 3-45.20.
[ClickPress, Fri Sep 09 2011] The Hash House Harriers is a running and social club established several decades ago in Malaysia, and today has branches in thousands of towns and cities throughout the world.
The Hash House Harriers running club is active, as are international women's and men's groups.
The Newcastle Hash House Harriers are a non-competitive running group who meet every week at a different venue.
It's a worldwide network of non-competitive running, social and drinking clubs, the Hash House Harriers local chapter is based in Leamington.
Even more oddball choices can be found at the Hash House restaurant inside the Imperial Palace, mid-Strip.
The Sofia Hash House Harriers is an active and very relaxed recreational and social group composed of Bulgarians and expats; visitors and first-time Hashers are always welcome.
Dozens of Hardy Hash House Harriers, who describe themselves as "a drinking club with a running problem", normally follow a line of flour across the countryside.
Notable pioneer songs in the Thomas Collection include 'My Name Tis Vernon Fetterley', 'The Old Go-Hungry Hash House', 'Pembina River Homestead', 'Where the Great Peace River Flows', and "The Banks of the Similkameen'.
With creative spins, olives attract almost fanatical followings for the drinks they most often garnish, such as the Bloody Marys served at the Hash House a Go Go restaurants in San Diego and Las Vegas.
The Hash House Harriers aim to make running and walking social and fun!
Andrew Hurley, "From Hash House to Family Restaurant: The Transformation of the Diner and Post-World War II Consumer Culture," The Journal of American History 83 (March, 1997): 1288, 1294, 1297.