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purified resinous extract of the hemp plant

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In Du vin et du haschisch (1851), for example, he actively warns readers away from Brillat-Savarin's Physiologie du gout (1825), metonymically equating food writer with food stuff:
-La police italienne saisit une grande quantite de haschisch portant le sigle de la deuxieme chaEne de television "2M".
Drogues a la mode Mais, si le haschisch occupe une place de choix parmi les drogues en Egypte, il n'a pas pour autant l'exclusivite.
haschisch et de I'alienation mentale and who initiated Gautier and
(10) This becomes particularly obvious if the title itself points to chemical persuasion, as in Heine's "Morphine," and is by no means limited to opiates, as can be seen from Gottfried Benn's "O Nacht ich nahm schon Kokain" (O night, I already took cocaine, 1922) or Walter Benjamin's "Haschisch in Marseille," conceived in the early 1930s, finally available in English as part of a 2006 Benjamin edition in a volume entitled On Hashish.