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someone who is no longer popular

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We must not let a small group of self interested has-beens spoil Wales' bright future.
I have read all the stuff about how he has worked wonders with has-beens but I have never agreed with that.
Then, it would have been a meaningful and valuable concert, not just a chance for ageing has-beens such as Duran Duran (again) to bask in truly undeserved limelight.
The film opens with Alex being wooed to participate in "Battle of the '80s Has-Beens," in which he's expected to box with the likes of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, the last one standing winning the honor to actually sing.
I couldn't agree more with the article entitled "Assault on the Electoral College" (June 26) by George Detweiler, especially his exposure of the idiocy of, not to mention the blatant unconstitutionality of, the proposed "National Popular Vote Plan" espoused by a number of political has-beens.
It had been a day of paintings made in the present and paintings made in the past, those on show and those withdrawn, those just coming in and has-beens that are out.
Queen Mania was Freddie's finest songs mangled by assorted oddballs and has-beens.
TABLE TOPPERS Hayley's artistic Aunt Lauren rescued these two tables from the basement and transformed the once-forgotten has-beens into whimsical treasures.
Joining him on the outside are many has-beens of the foreign policy establishment.
To keep her job, she name-drops old Hollywood royalty, rock has-beens and slightly burned fashion icons with the best of them.
The XFL will get what it pays for: teams made up of NFL castoffs and college has-beens.
Yes, but that's only if Darren and the rest of the Big Brother has-beens don't drive us mad first.
He and Larson found that big clumps of flowers, even if some are has-beens, attract more bees than skimpy displays.
By the time you read this, there will have been lavish parades replete with drag queens, porn stars, local politicians, Motown has-beens, hordes of lesbian gynecologists marching in lockstep, buffed numbers snaking out of their Speedos as they dance with abandon high atop papier-mache representations of the Emerald City.