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Synonyms for harvestfish

butterfish up to a foot long of Atlantic waters from Chesapeake Bay to Argentina

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Sea-bob shrimp, pink-shrimp, squid, catfish, American harvestfish, Jamaica weakfish, octopus, whitemouth croaker and bluewing searobin were negatively correlated with both depth and latitude (Fig.
Whitemouth croaker (southeastern stock), squid, octopus, pink-shrimp, Brazilian codling, catfish, bluewing searobin, skate, American harvestfish, Jamaica weakfish e sand flounder compose the main species assemblage of this unit, sharing the last seven species with the Southern shelf unit.
Lat: latitude, CalAlgae: Calcareous algae, AC: Argentine croaker, AH: Argentine hake, AmH: American harvestfish, AR: Argentine red shrimp, AS: Argentine stiletto shrimp, AW: acoupa weakfish, BC: Brazilian codling, BF: Brazilian flathead, BS: bluewing searobin, C: codling, CA: castaneta, CF: catfish, DG: dusky grouper, F: flounder, GT: grey triggerfish, J: Jamaica weakfish, KW: king weakfish, LH: largehead hairtail, MF: monkfish, O: octopus, PC: pink cusk-eel, PS: pink-shrimp, RP: red porgy, S: skate, SB: sea-bob shrimp, SF: sand flounder, SK: southern kingcroaker, SP: sandperch, SQ: squid, SS: striped soldier shrimp, ST: sea trout, SW: stripped weakfish, TF: tilefish, TG: tomtate grunt, W: whitemouth croaker.
Resource Vernacular name Scientific name Fishes Acoupa weakfish Cynoscion acoupa American harvestfish Peprilus paru Argentine croaker Umbrina canosai Argentine hake Merluccius hubbsi Bluewing searobin Prionotus puctatus Brazilian codling Urophycis brasiliensis, U.