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Synonyms for harvester

someone who helps to gather the harvest

farm machine that gathers a food crop from the fields

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In the next room were wonderful machines that ate up long steel rods by slow stages, cutting them off, seizing the pieces, stamping heads upon them, grinding them and polishing them, threading them, and finally dropping them into a basket, all ready to bolt the harvesters together.
In the afternoon and evening the proceedings of the morning were continued, Tess staying on till dusk with the body of harvesters. Then they all rode home in one of the largest wagons, in the company of a broad tarnished moon that had risen from the ground to the eastwards, its face resembling the outworn gold-leaf halo of some worm-eaten Tuscan saint.
The Optimum is Pellenc's newest harvester. It features the latest generation of Pellenc's onboard-sorting system, the Selectiv' Process 2, which the company claims can bring in 99% clean grapes.
Although the tree harvester greatly improves the efficiency of the cutting tree, the tree harvester will have a negative impact on the surrounding environment [1].
Among the energy sources, the vibrational energy harvester can convert ambient vibration into electrical energy.
The workers, mainly those who do the harvesting, are attributing their woes to a farm mechanization program of the government, which replaced manual labor with combine harvester machines.
New Delhi: Mahindra & Mahindra has acquired 35 percent stake in Finland's Sampo Rosenlew for up to 18 million euros (about Rs 135 crore), marking its foray into the combine harvester business.
In case of application of combined harvester, farmers should adjust it for paddy harvest to avoid breakage of grains.
Market gardeners, take note: A remarkable new tool called the Quick-Cut Greens Harvester will take a huge whack out of your harvesting time.
FOLLOWING the launch of its tasty new summer menu, North Shields Harvester is offering five lucky readers the chance to enjoy a fabulous family feast on the house.
The winners will receive [pounds sterling]50 to spend at North Shields Harvester, providing the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.
The Magic Lantern, on Preston North Road, in North Shields, will open as a Harvester next month.
The related VIVO Harvester software automatically populates investigators' profiles with references ingested from PubMed on to the investigators' institutional hosting of VIVO.
Lightning Pack's Rucksack Harvester relies on the weight of the backpack to produce kinetic energy when the backpack oscillates vertically in response to the Soldier's walking or running stride.
HARVESTER has been named the UK's best family restaurant for the second year running by leading baby charity Tommy's.