harvest mite

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larval mite that sucks the blood of vertebrates including human beings causing intense irritation

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A parasite like the harvest mite can affect the skin.
"Seasonal Canine Illness is awful and is associated with a particular type of mite, known as the harvest mite.
Some parasites, such as harvest mite, or Trombicula autumnalis infestations, can be a problem at this time of year.
A parasite like the harvest mite can affect the skin, especially in the late summer or early autumn.
This released a myriad of black harvest mites which fell on to the three lochs to be scooped up by the grateful trout.
The signs usually appear up to 72 hours after walking through woodland and it is usually caused by harvest mites which latch on to a dog's paws, legs, chest and tummy, often resembling red dust that becomes stuck in the fur.