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the gathering of a ripened crop

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Harvest Festival and Harvest Home is the final event in Beamish's annual Great North Festival of Agriculture which museum visitors can enjoy today and tomorrow.
The band will perform classic hits and live favourites including Harvest Home, Fields of Fire, Chance, Wonderland, Look Away and The Teacher.
When I'm out in my kayak, I simply fill a laundry basket with handfuls of algae, and then take the harvest home to put on my garden.
The play's similarity to horror novels like The Children of the Corn or Harvest Home isn't coincidental.
On Sunday, it was time to relax and play, as the organization held its annual Harvest Home Festival and 5K at Brigham Hill Community Farm.
It's Thanksgiving and we have gathered "to raise the song of harvest home" (Hymn 262, Common Praise).
In the style of James Taylor, there are some nice songs here that have slipped under the radar, like Our Baby's Gone, Harvest Home, When She Makes Love To Me, Fair And Tender Ladies, and Bring Back e Smile.
Harvest time was always one of my favourites, and it's only now occurred to me that the sale of donated foodstuffs and garden produce after the harvest home service was probably the first auction I ever attended.
A NORTH-EAST farm will open its gates to the public next weekend as it gets ready to welcome the harvest home.
From skeleton puppets to skull cake molds, 'potion' bottles and Halloween aprons, you'll find them all at Harvest Home, Jumeirah Centre Dubai.
The play, Harvest Home (World Citizen), was written by assistant scout leader Ian Henery to help raise money for Forever Angels.
Thanksgiving is in part patterned after the Harvest Home, an English celebration after the fall harvest.
" We find it extremely difficult to ferry our harvest home and are forced to keep it lying in the open," he adds.
From every direction, folk hurried to be part of a hero coming back to a Hennessy harvest home, just as they must have 50 years or so ago when the diminutive Mandarin and the eagle-arrogant Arkle hit heights unimagined.