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a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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This double function is reminiscent of the "diviner, haruspex" (Akk.
When the time came for the haruspex to examine the sacrificed animal's entrails to look for omens that would guide future actions, some of the Christians spontaneously made the Sign of the Cross.
So, you can imagine the state of Claire when she visited Lady Haruspex on West Derby Road; she could hardly get her words out with nerves.
But this Court is not some modern day haruspex skilled in the art of divination.
haruspex, sifting the entrails of vast statutory schemes to divine
Haruspex, you've been an observer of medical specialty behavior for quite some time.
(57) Its low prestige stemmed both from the fact that, unlike the oracle-pronouncer at a major site or haruspex, any layman could play bird diviner, and from the ready accessibility of rules for decoding ornithological signs.
Though Powell could endow even the driest of economic statistics with the gravity of a biblical portent of doom, in private he was very far from the mirthless haruspex of popular legend.