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Synonyms for harum-scarum

Synonyms for harum-scarum

a reckless impetuous irresponsible person

in a wild or reckless manner


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"I'm not sure we were harum-scarum but England were caught in the glare and didn't know what to do.
Stokes opts to bunt it down the ground and send Mark Wood on a harum-scarum charge for the winning line.
May is harum-scarum and there are occasions when his team-mates don't know where he's heading, but he's super-fast and proved to be a lethal finisher this Six Nations.
Not so long ago those looking for the meaning of "harum-scarum" might have opened a dictionary and found a picture of Jonny May above the definition.
They cause trouble all over our crusty old pie of a town, whether they're blocking access to beauty spots, polluting the atmosphere, honking, causing parking feuds or encouraging harum-scarum youngsters to show off.
As focal point of Pellegrini's PS100m trolley dash in the summer, Anderson deserves time to appraise the harum-scarum stampede of Saturday afternoons in east London.
The sides also contested an FA Cup tie in January when the Reds scored late to settle a harum-scarum contest.
He had just suffered the biggest defeat of his managerial career and - while not exactly riddled with doubt - he was evaluating whether his all-ornothing approach to football would ever work in the harum-scarum world of the English Premier League.
Skipper Vaughan said he'd never seen such a tempestuous season and close to the climax of the ride - so harum-scarum I figured worth the money by itself - we feared our excursion would end in failure.
Zany Zoe and cherubic Cyrus light up the pages as their mother recounts their sundry adventures at school, playing with neighbours, taking care of animals and doing harum-scarum, madcap things that may have put more than a few grey hairs in her coiffure.
Once the harum-scarum allegro was under way the playing was sparkling - and there are few flutes more magical than Marie-Christine Zupancic's.
However, the momentum swung to the Australian side on Day 2 as England tumbled from 246 for 4 to 302 all out in a harum-scarum display.
The harum-scarum minute begin when Craig Forsyth arced a crosscum-shot onto Neil Etheridge's woodwork, before Russell's scuffed shot was deflected into the path of Mendez-Laing; the winger made a beeline for the Derby goal but found a white shirt between his effort and Scott Carson's goal.
The harum-scarum left-hander had already survived with just a single to his name when he pushed Bhuvneshwar Kumar to cover and would have been run out had Kedar Jadhav managed a direct hit.