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a large African antelope with lyre-shaped horns that curve backward

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As the arrow sliced through both lungs, the stricken hartebeest bounded 10 yards and stopped as if to inquire what all the commotion was about.
Apparently, Jackson's hartebeest and the occasional Uganda kob wander through the area, but we didn't see these in the time I was there.
Al Landoli and a nice Red Hartebeest taken with Cheetah Safaris, Zambia
The focus is on kudu and gemsbok, blue wildebeest and red hartebeest. Some women have taken additional game.
We waited days for a good springbok, watching wildebeest, waterbuck, sable, hartebeest, impala, giraffe, warthog and kudu cows with calves, come and go.
Debra Bradbury with a very nice Lichtenstein's Hartebeest taken in the Nhacainga Conservancy, Mozambique
As a wildcat, it accompanied me to Africa and dropped a red hartebeest with a shoulder hit at 310 steps.
The four of us took 27 animals of 11 species: kudu, gemsbok, Burchell's zebra, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, duiker, impala, springbok, warthog, waterbuck, and nyala.
On previous safaris preceding the actual rhino hunt, I had succeeded in making clean, one-arrow kills on huge, tenacious Cape buffalo, eland, roan, zebra, waterbuck, hartebeest, gemsbok, wildebeest and many smaller animals like nyala, warthog, duiker, steenbok, blesbok, reedbuck and impala.
Native Namibian species like kudu, gemsbok, eland, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, springbok, impala, and warthog thrive in their native environs, and outstanding trophies are taken across the country.
Featuring Bowhunter Technical Editor Dave Holt, and Stick & String Outfitters' owner Matt Burrows, this 83-minute DVD contains 19 exciting hunts for such species as kudu, waterbuck, warthog, zebra, gemsbok, hartebeest, and many others.
The Molopo Reserve is dedicated to the preservation of native Kalahari species such as the gemsbok, kudu, eland, red hartebeest, blesbok, blue wildebeest and Kalahari springbok.
These two, a hartebeest and a springbok, both very fast animals, covered about twice the normal distance.
A red hartebeest in southern Africa deceived me in this way.