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Synonyms for harrow

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

Synonyms for harrow

a cultivator that pulverizes or smooths the soil

draw a harrow over (land)

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The school is great and all but the school isn't the only aspect of Harrow that's worth mentioning.
Present on the occasion were Rajrajeshwar, Head of Siddhashram Shakti Centre, Mayor of Harrow Nitin Parekh and Paul Walker, Corporate Director, Harrow Council.
And Marie, 53, told The Gazette how the family suddenly realised what Harrow was up to.
With over 100 schemes across the UK, Harrow Drive is one of several similar projects in the north west and will be taking place every Sunday between 11-12.30pm.
He recommended using Disc Harrow for land preparation, saying it would do the job with less labour and time compared to traditional plough or Rotovator.
MEET Harrow from Freshfields Animal Sanctuary: Harrow is a striking white cat with black patches, she is four-years-old, neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated.
Campaigners have called on the Mayor of Harrow to resign after she was pictured with senior military figures during a visit to Sri Lanka, This is local London reported.
Dumfries& Galloway Squash League: Lockerbie SRC 14 SulwathBrewers 7; Harrow Laurieknowe 12 Stewartry CSC B 6; CSL Thornhill 15 Masonic Arms Kbt 9; Masonic Arms Kbt 9 Stewartry CSC B 13; SulwathBrewers 14 Harrow Laurieknowe 6; Lockerbie SRC 8 CSL Thornhill 13; Harrow Laurieknowe 7 CSL Thornhill 12; Stewartry CSC B 8 SulwathBrewers 14; Masonic Arms Kbt 16 Lockerbie SRC 7.
Fancy jetting off to Brisbane, Australia, the home of the hit TV show Harrow? Well now's your chance.
Shown on Alibi, Harrow tells the story of the brilliant forensic pathologist, Dr.
A woman in the suburban town of Harrow in London, England called the police to catch what she thought was a burglar in her home - but it turned out to be just a squirrel.
and that's just the hero's love life, in gritty Australian drama, Harrow.
figure By JACQUELINE KUBANIAbr In the sprawling semi-formal settlement of Eastleigh in Nairobi County, a simple tenancy dispute has mutated into an ugly feud, with accusations of kidnap, murder and tribally-inspired revenge.Ms Rahama Alio Harrow has had a rough 2018.