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large black-and-white crested eagle of tropical America

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DATE: July DESTINATIONS: Brazil, Peru BEST BIRDS: Harpy eagle, a strong and large bird of prey from Brazil; Inca tern, that lives in the mountains and appears to have a moustache like the character Hercule Poirot.
It was all topped off when we spotted a Harpy eagle, the most powerful bird of prey on the planet.
the affluent west), Gimi territory is constructed as a pristine environment inhabited by birds of paradise, cassowaries, harpy eagles and other exotic, endangered or soon-to-be endangered species.
On the rare occasions when the hunters trap the fledgling of a harpy eagle nesting in the canopy a hundred feet above ground, they rub its diaphanous plumage with an elixir of this starch and toxins of the devil toad, Ranus mephiticarus, which renders it unconscious without hindering its movement.
Important bird species include the harpy eagle, great green macaw, scarlet macaw, mealy parrot, red-fronted parrot, chestnut-mandibled toucan, and keel-billed toucan.
The park is also home to a large number of primates and other mammals such as sloths, jaguars, freshwater turtles and the harpy eagle.
6) A harpy eagle strikes a profile pose at the raptor enclosure.
The harpy eagle lives in the rainforest and the newly-hatched chicks are the size of a turkey.
Grizzly bear, harpy eagle, hornbill, spotted owl: Species that roam over large areas, that require specialized habitats, or that do not get along well with humans need large wilderness reserves if they are to survive outside of zoos.
In the lake~s watershed, vast natural forests remain in such areas as designated state and city parks as well as state preserve areas, the latter home to 13 rare species including the harpy eagle and the white-lipped peccary, the even-toed ungulate that resembles a boar.
The Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) once ranged from southern Mexico to northern Argentina (Vargas et al.
In the upper branches of a colossal tree, a harpy eagle tends to a chick in its nest.
Jungle Eagle (Wednesday, November 9) The most powerful raptor in the world, the harpy eagle, hides away deep in the South American jungle.
Ruth Miller and Alan Davies have broken the world record for bird species spotted in a year, including the harpy eagle (inset).
Prime suspect was the harpy eagle, "the most powerful eagle in the world" and a "serial killer" that uses sloths' bones to make its nest.