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Synonyms for harpoon

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a spear with a shaft and barbed point for throwing

spear with a harpoon

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The HARPOON system is designed to facilitate echo-guided repair of mitral valve regurgitation by stabilizing the prolapsed mitral valve leaflet to restore proper coaptation and valve function.
That really gives us a broad base to draw from, not only in terms of integration of Harpoon on new platforms, but also that infrastructure across the world that helps to support Harpoon," he said
and drift down to the comet, where it will latch on using harpoons and screws.
Harpoon is also growing, and has expanded its Boston brewery from 5,200 square feet when it opened to 47,000 square feet.
As a next step, ESA plans to build and test a prototype 'breadboard' version in the hope of adopting the harpoon and its ejection mechanism for the mission.
After the killing, Morris shot himself with the harpoon and cut his wrists.
The black dots in the photograph are the explosive charge from the harpoon.
A harpoon is worth its weight in gold over any gaff you own," says Grant.
The Rio de Janeiro State Health Department said in a statement that the woman's husband was cleaning his spear gun when it went off, firing a harpoon that hit her cervical spine.
Summary: A man has shot himself in the head with a harpoon in Brazil and survived.
com)-- Ninety+ Cellars Receives Investment from Harpoon Brewery
An anti-whaling activist has been indicted in Tokyo for illegally boarding the Shonan Maru II, a Japanese harpoon boat, as part of a protest against a whale hunting expedition in Antarctic seas.
KID HARPOON - ONCE THIS debut long-player from the hotly-tipped young Medway troubadour Kid Harpoon, aka Tom Hull, shouldn't disappoint his followers.