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From the Japanese firm AIST is an interactive robot called Paro -- designed to look like a baby harp seal -- to simulate animal therapy for people in hospitals and extended care facilities where live animals are banned.
Point Riche's interruption of the north-trending west coast brought the harp seal migration close to its shores, and spring sea ice provided a stable platform for hunters.
We therefore conducted four feeding trials with a captive polar bear to investigate how 2 novel untested diets such as Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) and harp seal meat/fat (Pagophilus groenlandicus) are digested and energetically utilized.
After reading this book, I realized I had a deeper appreciation for the Arctic and had learned some amazing facts, all the while being entertained by truly outstanding photographs: hills and valleys of Northwest Fiord in East Greenland, longtailed jaegars soaring in the air, wrestling polar bears, and close-up portraits of harp seal pups, just to name a few.
In addition, we included partial P gene sequences obtained from tissues and nasal swabs of northern seas otters (Enhydra lutris) from an unusual mortality event in south-central Alaska in 2006, as well as samples from a harp seal found in the Gulf of St.
In 1977, French actress Brigitte Bardot hugged a stuffed white harp seal pup on a Newfoundland ice floe and so began Europe's focus on seal products and the era of celebrity involvement.
Senate Resolution 84 in 2009, which declared an end to the annual harp seal slaughter, Canada continues to support the slaughter, which has resulted in one million seals killed in the past five years alone.
In many countries, opposition to the annual Arctic harp seal hunt has resulted in bans and restrictions on the practice.
AT last, following Vladimir Putin's condemnation of a "bloody industry", the Russian ecology ministry has announced legislation protecting harp seal pups less than a year old.
An adult harp seal is about two meters, or six has many centimeters, or several inches of blubber, and weighs up to 180 kilograms, or 500 pounds.
Global warming and increased ship traffic in the White Sea have together robbed the Harp seal of the ice sheets where pups are born, causing a collapse in its population from 300,000 in 2003 to just over 100,000 this year, IFAW said.
LACKING the cuddly charm of the baby harp seal or the human-like traits of the gorilla, "Save the shark" is not exactly a slogan which is guaranteed to stir emotion.
Also highlighted was the fact that the killing of harp seal pups (whitecoats) has been banned in Canada since 1987, under penalty of severe fines, despite the fact that images of them continue to be used in publicity material produced by animal rights associations.
The harp seal population has been increasing steadily to the point where today there are an estimated 5.