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Synonyms for harmonizer

a musician who sings or plays in harmony

a mediator who brings one thing into harmonious agreement with another

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TAF retains title of the Harmonizer over the term of the agreement but at the end of the agreement title is transferred to the building owner.
Harmonizer takes measurements of active and reactive power, power factor, current and voltage variations, harmonics and transients and typical applications include analysing locations for reactive power compensation in a network, calculating regulation cycles for optimum harmonic-and power-flow control, sizing capacitor banks for shunt or series compensation, calculating and designing harmonic filters for the suppression of harmonic distortion, and sizing surge arresters for transient ovcrvoltage limitation.
Readers who wish to know more about Thomas Aksnes's unique Harmonizer, Personal Therapy Device (PTD), or clinical concept for professional quantum biomedical clinics are encouraged to contact him:
The AX100 is one of the the industry's highest rated home theater projectors, with Panasonic's Light Harmonizer Technology for amazing picture quality, even in well-lit room.
A PRESS release arrived yesterday extolling the virtues of a Salter-Weigh- Tronix dog weighing machine `Accurate to a tenth of a kilo, Harmonizer (?
This may seem a counterintuitive thing to say about a work famous for an ostentatious deployment of electronic hardware - vocoder, harmonizer, synclavier - and lots of visual effects.
In The Age of Reason (1974), Paine attacked Christianity and orthodox religion, Wood notes, but he also set forth "his deistic belief in God the creator and harmonizer of the world.
Last January, its latest musical effects product -- a voice harmonizer -- won the Most Innovative Product of the Year Award in an international industry competition.
Err on the side of caution and use an EMF harmonizer.
Irene loved music of all kinds; she was an alto, a great harmonizer, who loved to sing at home and in choirs.