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Synonyms for harmonize

Synonyms for harmonize

to combine and adapt in order to attain a particular effect

to come to an understanding or to terms

to be compatible or in correspondence

to live or act together in harmony

Synonyms for harmonize

sing or play in harmony


Related Words

bring (several things) into consonance or relate harmoniously

bring into consonance or accord

bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing

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AN INVITATION TO COMMENT issued jointly by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants is not only a reconsideration of the reporting of disaggregated information but also an attempt to harmonize international accounting standards.
Various forces, led by major plastics-consuming end users, are coming together to push the movement to harmonize and standardize the material test data of U.
The European Community plans to implement the Second Banking Directive no later than January 1, 1993, simultaneously with measures to harmonize bank capital standards similar to the framework developed by the Basle Committee on Banking Regulations and Supervisory Practices.
He said: "When I went back to the Academy they told me about the Harmonize programme and they put me on a placement.
Emmylou Harris, left, Patty Loveless and Alison Krauss harmonize on ``Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby'' Sunday night during the ``Down From the Mountain'' concert at Universal.
In addition to working to harmonize accounting and auditing standards within their regions, these organizations also should follow the EC's example and work toward "one market, one community, one region.
The Harmonize project, designed to motivate teenagers aged 14 to 19 using urban arts, has involved more than 200 youngsters since 2003.
Since I finished Harmonize I've been on different courses and I'm more confident.
The HWC project was established to harmonize the federal and state employment tax laws, primarily by providing uniform definitions of key provisions.
Simplify and harmonize the definitions and qualification requirements associated with filing status, dependency exemptions, and credits.
In its efforts to harmonize business tax systems, we urge the Government to adhere to key principles that are fundamental to sound tax policy and administration.