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Synonyms for harmonize

Synonyms for harmonize

to combine and adapt in order to attain a particular effect

to come to an understanding or to terms

to be compatible or in correspondence

to live or act together in harmony

Synonyms for harmonize

sing or play in harmony


Related Words

bring (several things) into consonance or relate harmoniously

bring into consonance or accord

bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing

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Like the North American Free Trade Agreement and the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas, the recently enacted Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) contains a provision called the "Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures Agreement." This section would require all signatory nations to "harmonize" their domestic food safety standards to those issued by the Codex Commission.
Harris argued that widespread adoption of the IAS abroad should begin to alleviate this problem, in that they harmonize financial reporting and allay U.S.
* Will the joint U.S.-Canadian effort at modifying requirements for disaggregated information cause other nations to harmonize international financial reporting standards?
Various forces, led by major plastics-consuming end users, are coming together to push the movement to harmonize and standardize the material test data of U.S.
By mid-1985, the Commission had prepared a white paper, Completing the Internal Market, which the European Council subsequently adopted as the basis for the EC internal market program.(2) The white paper identified 300 pieces of legislation (later revised to 279) that the Community would have to enact to remove restrictions or to harmonize laws of member states.
Singer Harmonize has responded to Ben Pol's claim that he has been trying to sleep with his fiancee Anerlisa Muigai and has been camping on her inbox.
de Lima has filed a measure seeking to harmonize legal education in the country not only for aspiring lawyers but also for those who are already practicing law as part of their continuing legal education.
Dominguez III told the House ways and means committee early this week that the DOF was looking 'to harmonize all capital income taxes regardless of currency, maturity and type toward 10 percent.'
YOUNG people who attend Liverpool Lighthouse's Harmonize Project have been learning to cook simple healthy food thanks to funding from the People's Postcode Trust.
* Review the competitiveness of the Canadian corporate income tax structure, especially the tax rates, and encourage the provinces to follow suit with a review of their income, capital, and sales tax regimes; encourage the provinces to harmonize their sales tax systems with the GST, as well.
Established by the UN in 1961, the commission "establishes guidelines to harmonize trade in food," in the words of a European news agency.
Using the European Union as their vehicle, these uncompetitive nations are seeking to replace tax competition with tax harmonization--sort of an "OPEC for politicians." There already is a requirement that all EU-member nations have a value-added tax of at least 15 percent, and the Brussels-based bureaucracy is seeking to harmonize taxes on corporate income, tobacco, energy, and digital products.
To harmonize qualifications among its member bodies, IFAC's education committee has issued guidelines for designing education requirements for accounting candidates.
WCB singer Harmonize is not so happy with his boss Diamond Platnumz and his new song 'Inama', featuring Fally Ipupa.
The OHR also reminds that cantons remained under the obligation to harmonize their Constitutions with the FBiH Constitution.