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a piece of harmonized music

singing in harmony

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According to him, the recent harmonisation is not a defeat to any faction of the party nor victory, but a step in the right direction to bring together all interests and stakeholders to ensure total victory for the party in 2019.
For de facto harmonisation we conducted structured interviews with 16 directly-selected representatives of the accounting profession in the respective countries.
The 28 EU member states met during April at the EU Council of Ministers meeting to discuss the importance of legal and technical standardisation and harmonisation relating to the legality of testing, selling and liability associated with autonomous vehicles.
Akinci added that the transition to the European currency, customs union and other harmonisation operations cannot be left until after a referendum that produces a positive result.
National systems differ considerably on this matter, observers explain, adding that the harmonisation of administrative sanctions can create legal problems.
Harmonisation of Accounting Measurement Practices in the European Community.
Harmonisation would benefit very few countries "at the expense of everybody else", he said.
The rapporteur, who is firmly convinced of the value of total harmonisation, is being open-minded on three points, provided these exceptions are "commercially and legally effective".
But he said: "We are not arguing here for a united Ireland - we are arguing for harmonisation, and commonsense relationships.
Steven Brown, Cheshunt vvNo harmonisation I wouldn't have thought there is much chance of the harmonisation of any rules in world racing if the BHA is going to keep going it alone without consultation with others as it has done with their new rule on remounting.
EMEA is a key member of the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) project.
RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said he expected the strike to receive "rock solid" support, adding: "The company has turned a dispute about harmonisation into an attack on jobs and conditions.
The Endesa CEO also wants greater integration and more European focus in policy-making as well as harmonisation of national policies to end current market distortions.
And, while tax harmonisation might be the way forward for a 'sheltered trade bloc', it was not the future for the EU member states in a competitive global market.
Streit has recently observed, "Almost throughout the whole process of European integration, harmonisation of national laws and regulations was considered a matter of course.