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Synonyms for harmless

Synonyms for harmless

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not causing or capable of causing harm

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Two of the ways in which species utilize mimicry are to assume a dangerous mien to ward off predators (Batesian mimicry), such as the harmless milk snake's adopting the coloration of the poisonous coral snake, and to adopt a sign of harmlessness to get closer to their prey (aggressive mimicry), as in the case of ant-mimicking spiders.
If we follow the theorist of epistemological harmlessness of informational scepticism, using an image from the well-known movie The Matrix, we do not need to swallow the "red pill" that would help us see how the world really looks.
28) This standard sets a high bar for showing harmlessness in a criminal appeal.
Describing the Eightfold Path generally, Byles indicated that the first two steps, right views and right aspiration, were designed to reorient the thoughts--towards the Four Noble Truths, anatta and self-renunciation, harmlessness (ahimsa), and loving-kindness (metta).
In answer to Swidler's model, King proposed a model based on a Buddhist perspective that promotes selflessness in terms of interconnectedness, accompanied by the commitment to "an ethic of utter harmlessness to all forms of life.
The Church represents both East and West and the tenets of Christianity and Buddhism, with charitable activity and harmlessness as the fundamental teachings.
Braddon juxtaposes Isabel's unhealthy reading of highly regarded fiction with the harmlessness of Sigismund Smith's sensation novels; moreover, this harmlessness is linked directly with the commercial aspect of his writing.
Instead, the visitor has to prove their harmlessness in a series of mechanised checks.
The goal of the temperature control during a composting process is to achieve to the greatest extent the harmlessness and stabilization of the compost materials after composting.
Novel food approval, contrary to popular opinion, is not an administrative chicanery; rather, it proves the safe consumption and harmlessness of a food substance.
Few approaches to morality will take the harmlessness of each individual's contribution to a collective harm to undermine each individual's obligation to do their part in a collective effort to avoid this harm.
Finally, in the wake of the Iraq debacle, is it really still possible to speak, as Hoffman does, of "the military harmlessness of the United States"?
Charles Nathan adduces, in a very ex cathedra style, his experiences of "the last few days," to prove the perfect harmlessness of the practice (12)
74) Massachusetts courts began to assess harmlessness based on Chapman's "beyond a reasonable doubt that the evidence did not contribute to the verdict obtained" standard and Harrington's "overwhelming evidence of guilt" test, or variations of the two.