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Synonyms for harmless

Synonyms for harmless

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not causing or capable of causing harm

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Kotteakos ended the tendency to presume that all errors were prejudicial; declined the automatic presumption of harmlessness and assigning a burden to either party; stated that each case must be considered on a case-by-case basis when applying a harmless-error analysis; and suggested that constitutional errors were not subject to the analysis.
Other considerable advantages are their low abrasive nature and physiological harmlessness (l), (3-5).
Sorbic acid and its derivatives are commonly used to inhibit mould growth and extend the shelf life of several foods because of physiological harmlessness and organoleptic neutrality [9].
attest, but they seem resistant to the concept of harmlessness when
To endorse the harmlessness of beer, Baxter calls on the authority of Burns,
Evidence of the protests' harmlessness was confirmed on October 10 when Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, owned by the massive multinational Unilever, endorsed the Occupy movement.
Detailing the way the camps were controlled, their connections to prisoner of war camps, the identity and experiences of internees (mostly Jews), and the policies of the decision-makers, the author aims to dispel the myths about the relative harmlessness of fascist racism in Italy.
There are, however, other familiar dilemmatic stories, whose harmlessness might be more difficult to establish.
105) Beyond that disagreement, however, the dangers discussed in the last subpart of two particular varieties of religious argument--arguments that rest on claims of divine revelation, and arguments based on fealty to religious authorities--cast serious doubt on permissive theorists' assertions of religious argument's categorical harmlessness.
Steve Fox of the Marijuana Policy Project thinks that that attitude is dead wrong, and that more sales work on the essential harmlessness of pot needs to be done to ensure enough of a margin of victory.
After agreeing that the liquid has illegally high amounts of wormwood, hyssop and fennel, the two proved in court the harmlessness of fennel unless consumed in extremely large amounts.
Despite the harmlessness of this bill, an editorial in this newspaper claimed it "poses dangers" because it would protect "flamboyant and provocative sexual behavior that would run afoul of community standards," and no longer allow landlords to "publicly object to behavior they find morally repugnant.
In those cases where the record does not reflect Barker prejudice, as a practical matter, the burden to establish harmlessness may be more easily attained by the Government.
Regardless of the harmlessness of the short-term outcomes, the long-term outcomes of tacitly accepting practices that are inherently deceptive and unethical should not be ignored.