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Synonyms for harmless

Synonyms for harmless

Antonyms for harmless

not causing or capable of causing harm

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"You swear," I said, "to be harmless; but have you not already shown a degree of malice that should reasonably make me distrust you?
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III warned the public on Wednesday against the use of electronic cigarettes, stressing that there was still not enough proof that such devices were indeed harmless to health.
It's aimed at under-16s looking for harmless interactive fun, but has become a hunting ground for child abusers, and a manual for eating disorders and self-harm.
Doctor Yankov from Serdika hospital explained that the treatment was harmless and had a success rate of 85%.
Experts at the Centre of Marine Sciences at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries say that this form of jellyfish is called the crown jellyfish and is harmless to humans."- Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Officials added that they feed on ocean particles, live for around six months, and that 95 per cent of its body consists of water.
'It does look like a little Wadi Racer, who are the most common snakes and absolutely harmless. They are actually very beneficial as they keep rodents away.
Although usually harmless, this may cause them to urinate overly frequently.
About 70% of Medicare Part B enrollees benefit from a "hold harmless" provision that keeps the monthly premiums of low-income and moderate-income enrollees from rising faster than inflation.
Samples of the leakage were examined and we were told that the substance is harmless. That's fine then, is it?
However, it contends the error is subject to harmless, not structural, error analysis and, because the evidence of abandonment was overwhelming, the error was harmless.
How, though, can an interest-based theory explain such cases of harmless wronging?
Suzanne Coleman Harmless fun (until the snowflakes start commenting).
The package turned out to be harmless and students were allowed back in a short while later.
These tremors are harmless. There's no treatment for them but you might try cutting down on caffeine because it's also a stimulant.
Allergies occur when the immune system inappropriately targets otherwise harmless exposures, such as tree pollen and animal dander.