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a dusty wind from the Sahara that blows toward the western coast of Africa during the winter

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Thus, he has contributed in no small way at encouraging the development of modern art, by floating the regular Harmattan series since the early twenty-first century.
The asset sale includes all production volumes and acreage in the company's southern Harmattan area.
In a statement published at the start of June, the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) warned: "Extreme weather conditions, resulting from the severe harmattan winds within the West African region, combined with the impact of El NiEo, have negatively affected the 2015-16 harvests.
Harmattan Rain follows three generations of women as they cope with family, love and life.
The two major studies in French that precede her book (Nicolas Darbon, Brian Ferneyhough et la nouvelle complexity [Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit: Millenaire III, 2008]; and Francis Courtot, Brian Ferneyhough, figures et dialogues [Paris: Harmattan, 2009]), attest to how little material on Ferneyhough has been written.
Tea has traditionally been popular in the north of the country, which gets cold at night during the harsh harmattan (dry) season, but it is consumed less in other parts of the country.
Like the mighty Harmattan that drives powerful dust storms across the Sahel, powerful winds of change are blowing throughout the region.
Yours the only grief that ever befuddled the entire people, even fishes in water caught cold, in August the earliest harmattan to rob the harvest of forest crops.
Prices steadied after recent highs caused by the dry Harmattan wind across West Africa that blows away leaves and flowers which develop into cocoa fruits.
Baccalieu has stakes in 469 square kilometres in the Pembina, Ferrier, Sylvan Lake and Harmattan areas.
During the commissioning of the project at the Kumasi Airport, the Transport Minister Dzifa Attivor stated, With this Instrument Landing System in place, the agonizing moments of flight cancelations in the mornings or during the harmattan season will be a thing of the past.
Le terme harmattan est maintenu tandis que le mot hivvernage est substitue par une periphrase.