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Synonyms for hearken

to make an effort to hear something

to perceive by ear, usually attentively

Synonyms for hearken



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He sets up this story by harkening back to the times of the ancient Greeks and Pythagoreans' attempts to deal with irrational numbers, MIT Pr, 2003, 213 p.
For Mulcaster the classroom was a monarchy in parvo, the successful student harkening to his master as in the future he would to his country's laws.
NEW YORK -- Harkening back to the days of Ronald Reagan and GE Theater, today GE introduces "One Second Theater," an innovative concept in commercial content designed to capture the imagination of viewers in today's technologically-driven, television-challenged environment.
Louis' Busch Stadium this weekend, I found myself harkening back to 1982, the year of the Cardinals' last world championship.
We've moved into a new era of nutritional sciences," King says, but one harkening back to the 1930s, "when we were simply trying to determine what the essential nutrients are.