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Synonyms for hearken

to make an effort to hear something

to perceive by ear, usually attentively

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Long, complex pieces like The Invisible Man harkened back to their progressive rock roots, but Don't Hurt Yourself, the new single out this week, showed that they can still write a chart-friendly song.
To find inspiration in designing North Bay's Regional Health Centre, architect Brian Bertrand harkened back to his medal-winning university thesis.
In adopting the mantle of science, the Research Council study harkened back to the librarians' crusade against dime novels and Huck Finn; it also harkened forward to today's lab studies purporting to show the ill effects of pornography or violent TV.
The writers could have harkened back to Alva Vanderbilt's $250,000 ball in 1883 or the formal dinners that Newporters threw for their dogs at the turn of the century.
Pedersen added, "The previous design harkened back to the steel structures of the George Washington Bridge and other New York landmarks for its inspiration - the redesign looks forward to create a new icon representing New York's future, not its past.
I thought it harkened back to a million kiddie animal movies that I don't want to see anymore.
Two squadrons, VPs 772 and 871, harkened back to the days of the famous "Black Cat" patrol squadrons by operating at night over Korea, dropping flares to support night interdiction and close air support missions by Marine Corps aircraft.