hark back

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go back to something earlier

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But Lord Kinnock told the Western Mail: "I don't want to hark back to a previous age - I want to go forward.
The Viennese Balls in Liverpool hark back to this period.
He will say: "Some people will always hark back to the 'good old days'.
When we started, I thought it would be good to hark back to the '70s models of director-producer integration.
The youngest known galaxies hark back to an only slightly earlier epoch.
Cruises along the Tyne will hark back to the 1960s.
Hark back to those halcyon days when entrepreneurs could go public with online maid services, when people used terms like "content providers" as if they actually meant something.
In fact, Counterpoint is the first European showing of the World Trade Center scheme and the Ground Zero masterplan and without doubt they stylistically hark back to Libeskind's symbolic and historical interpretation of Berlin's cityscape.
This show featured eight of Ford's medium-size and large paintings that at first seem to mimic Audubon prints and their ancestors, which hark back to scientific illustrations and plein air topographical drawings of landscapes and seaports.
However this correspondence seems to come from a small but vocal minority who hark back to a time when they held the power of people's private lives and are hardly representative of modern Ireland.
Like many complaints about modern America, these laments hark back to a more mannered, moderate, modulated era, when candidates touted their own virtues, not their opponents' vices.
Known widely for styles that hark back to the early 1900's, K2 Urbancorp is focused on building unique and enduring products that reveal timeless craftsmanship and quality.
Poster expert Richard Barclay said: "They really are pieces of art that hark back to a golden era of rail travel.
As everyone at Royal Birkdale looks forward to the arrival of the world's leading women golfers later this year, when the Ricoh Women's British Open comes to Merseyside in July, we hark back today to another era of golf, before health and safety mandarins called the shots.
BRIDGEND AM Carwyn Jones, widely tipped as a future First Minister, last night told Labour supporters the party needs clear dividing lines from the Conservatives but must do more than hark back to the days of Margaret Thatcher.