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Synonyms for harebrained

Synonyms for harebrained

very foolish


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It was really rather a harebrained effort in order to proceed with what he thought was an immediate need for money.
Every CEO worth his salt must wonder what it was like to be inside the boardroom when Bill Agee got his pals to rubberstamp his latest harebrained proposal as the company slowly sank into oblivion.
In today's heightened awareness of radiation's dangers, treating people with relatively high, localized doses of radiation for nonlife-threatening conditions may sound harebrained.
The stars spar with harebrained zest as a pilot hired to kidnap an about-to-elope heiress, and the happy result from start to end is C.
SINN Fein's Westminster candidate in South Down has been accused of an "unfundable harebrained idea" after claiming credit card debt should be wiped out.
Harebrained defeats to England and Scotland have meant toppling France at the Aviva Stadium on Saturday is essential to escape a likely wooden-spoon showdown with Italy a week later.
I will standing for the protest voter, vote for me and I will resign and make sure that this harebrained scheme never takes place.
Nownow: "They can do this for pounds 50,000, spend money on needless dozens of 'mini roundabouts' and other harebrained projects and then have the cheek to 'woe is me' when it comes to making repairs.
Come on, Mr Planning Officer, the council can't be right on all these harebrained plans.
I hope that all our Members of Parliament across Tees Valley will oppose this harebrained idea.
I do wish these people who seem to be hell-bent on destroying our English way of life would themselves emigrate to a country which would accept their harebrained ideas and leave us alone to wallow in our English ancient customs and habits.
What is even more important is that we don't waste our time and resources chancing harebrained schemes that are totally counterproductive.
By chance, Paul discovers a dead body in a dumpster and he hatches a harebrained scheme: to pass the deceased off as his long lost brother Raymond (Woody Harrelson) and collect the million dollar life insurance policy.
ANAHEIM - OK, you tell the Chicago White Sox that what happened here Sunday night was all about Angels slumps and harebrained umps.
Andrew Woolfson, defending, said: "It seemed an easy way to make money but was always a harebrained scheme.