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Synonyms for harebrained

Synonyms for harebrained

very foolish


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Partnering with 6L made sense to us because of their marketing resources, established audience, and most importantly their start-up like mindset," said Jordan Weisman, Founder of Harebrained Schemes LLC.
Andrew Woolfson, defending, said: "It seemed an easy way to make money but was always a harebrained scheme.
Unfortunately,Alex and Nancy's harebrained schemes end in disaster, which soon arouses the suspicions of local cop,Officer Dan (Robert Wisdom).
Plot: Tim (Stiller) and Nick (Black) are best friends, neighbours and co-workers whose equal footing is suddenly tripped up when one of Nick's harebrained get-rich-quick schemes succeeds Vapoorizer, a spray that literally makes dog poop vanish.
But the idea of giving police powers to even less qualified people, such as traffic wardens, with no career structure or police ethos, is a far more serious problem and should be scuppered along with most of this Government's other harebrained schemes.
They come up with harebrained schemes that cause so many problems they take more time to fix than to create.
Clinton's higher-education policies are harebrained and irresponsible, obviously concocted by people who care more about poll results than about what they might be doing to the nation's colleges or their students.
FORCING local people to fix their own pothole-riddled roads is another harebrained scheme from a hare-brained Government.
Instead of sitting at desks dreaming up harebrained IT solutions to our horrendous crime and social problems, why not rearrange priorities so that every serving police officer in West Yorkshire spends at least 50% of his or her time out and about in the community, dealing with the crimes and behavioural problems that really matter to people but currently escape notice or have low priority?
The series is hosted by comedian Dave Gorman, who invites members of the public to pitch their inventions to him and as someone who has built a career on writing books and successful shows based on his own harebrained schemes, he Genius (BBC2, 10pm).
Glens (not Ports, as I put for some harebrained reason in last week's column) have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other.
There are characters with the same names: a bus driver named Ralph Kramden (Cedric the Entertainer) with a penchant for harebrained, get-rich-quick schemes, his loyal dimwit neighbor and best pal Ed Norton (Mike Epps) and their long-suffering wives, Alice Kramden (Gabrielle Union) and Trixie Norton (Regina Hall).
Now another, equally harebrained, scheme is put forward.
It was the harebrained idea of pupil Katie Clarke, whose suggestion won her a TV competition to have the pop trio perform at Holly Lodge girls college.
SHE may look a bit strange, but don't call Welsh actress Lucy Rivers (pictured) harebrained.