hardware error

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error resulting from a malfunction of some physical component of the computer

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Hardware errors of untrusted transmission system can lead to undetected errors during message transmission in case of simulations failure of detection properties of the safety code.
0 with Phy, SDIO, standard UARTs, I2C and SPI ports, analog features including audio codecs and A/D converters, and an external memory interface, as well as support for external NAND with hardware error correction capabilities for improved reliability.
LEsche added: "If we detect a hardware error, we are able to move a database server from one hardware node to another with practically zero downtime.
Coupled with VXA's sophisticated 4-level Reed Solomon hardware error correction -- the most advanced in the industry -- VXA Packet Drives can restore data that would be lost by other tape formats.
Specifically, our fully automated and tamper-proof data destruction process eliminates any chance of human error, hardware error or software error, and automatically generates a certificate after the software verifies successful data erasure.
SigmaTel's GoChip products implement hardware error correction circuitry (ECC), improving the reliability of data stored in MLC flash without sacrificing performance.
5% continuous uptime monthly unit, 7x24 period, except for planned downtime, maintenance, hardware errors caused by downtime.
The servers reduced the physical space of the hardware, eliminated the need to procure hardware for each new application, and cut the likelihood of downtime due to hardware errors.
Developers can use the test suite to induce hardware errors and unexpected resets to verify fail-safe behavior and recovery.
Metaforic's self-defending software enables developers to automatically infuse an immune system into their programs so the applications can defend themselves from hackers, pirates, targeted malware, insider betrayal and even hardware errors.
It must be able to cope with data corrupted by soft-errors in data or configuration memories and, in ideal case, with hardware errors of external memory.
Paths dependent upon hardware errors may be tested by simulations but this, is laborious, and good desk-checking is usually enough.
It can optimise designs for strength, improve accuracy, reduce joint torque, recover from hardware errors, avoid joint limits and avoid collisions.
From understanding the basics of how technology affects libraries to troubleshooting hardware errors and software issues, the basics here should not be missed.
Codes of this type were apparently first found by Diamond [2] and studied in depth by Brown and others [1,4], for the binary number system with the idea of using them for detection and correction of transmission or hardware errors.