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someone who sells hardware

a store selling hardware

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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Jan 18 ( ANI ): Ahead of the Budget session on January 29, hardware dealers here are hopeful of a reduction in Goods and Services Tax (GST) rates, as well as a more streamlined process of filing tax returns.
The rot within the Indian defence establishment is clearly evident from the retired officers who liaison for defence contractors at golf courses and bars in Lutyen's Delhi to ex-generals and admirals being employed by hardware dealers for lobbying in South Block.
NCB, which provides correspondent services to a diverse group of co-op groups, including food chains, hardware dealers, health care agencies and others, also assists the National Credit Union Foundation in funding.
Each year, the show attracts more than 12,000 attendees, including specialty retailers, installing distributors, contractors and hardware dealers.
Established in 1997, Integra offers marketing, purchasing, IT and training support services for a broad cross section of independent office product and computer hardware dealers.
It was often hardware dealers who sold farm implements, and took on different lines," he says.
Ammunition and hardware dealers said they had never heard of a type of bullet called SUPERBA or a hardware product by that name.
Offering some 40,000 items, GHD services about 300 hardware dealers throughout Alaska, who resell the merchandise.
On Demand's equipment also makes good window-dressing for hardware dealers who want to create the illusion of software inventory without committing dollars or effort.
Now more True Value retailers will be able to take advantage of the value RockSolid POS provides hardware dealers.
And most of these have diversified retail customer bases that include the international, independent and co-op hardware dealers.
This combination provides a great opportunity for hardware dealers to once again profitably sell hardware in this competitive market.
Name changes to National Retail Hardware Dealers Association.
Top Knobs offers over 2,600 products in 17 different collections through independent kitchen, bath, and decorative hardware dealers as well as through cabinet manufacturers and distributors nationwide.
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