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news that deals with serious topics or events

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No es frecuente, encontrar estos temas en las secciones propias de las denominadas hardnews, como Internacional, Politica o Economia.
She says Marimow was "definitely more of a hardnews editor," although she quickly adds that hard news is still vital to the paper.
Conviene hacer este tipo de aclaracion ya que las historias en el relato periodistico anglosajon, segun una division expresamente pragmatica, se clasifican en hard news y en mil news, y la estructura de las soft news tiende a desviarse de la estructura propia de las hardnews.
Buoyed by a lot of favorable press (sometimes coming in hardnews newspaper columns that have nothing to do with theater), the piece is becoming such an unexpected smash that it seems likely to stick around for most of the spring and possibly well beyond.
But insiders insist Kirsty, 31, WON'Tbe coming back to her pounds 500,000-a- year-role after being hurt by jibes that she lacks hardnews experience.