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the trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger

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This smile of the worthy descendant of the most ancient sea-folk whose audacity and hardihood had left no trace of greatness and glory upon the waters, completed the cycle of my initiation.
Had a bolt from Heaven fallen in the midst of the Teton band it would not have occasioned greater consternation, than this act of desperate hardihood.
The big tree, with all the seeming of hardihood, promising to stand for centuries to come, had suffered from a hidden decay.
Dunfer's mouth and the mysterious reticence of his manner, and to the mingled hardihood and tenderness of his sole literary production--the epitaph.
One mild old man-- a priest, whose chapel was destroyed; a very feeble, patient, inoffensive creature--who was trudging away, alone, designing to walk some distance from town, and then try his fortune with the coaches, told Mr Haredale that he feared he might not find a magistrate who would have the hardihood to commit a prisoner to jail, on his complaint.
Perhaps the rapidity of the changes from one of these paces to the other created an optical illusion, which might thus magnify the powers of the beast; for it is certain that Heyward, who possessed a true eye for the merits of a horse, was unable, with his utmost ingenuity, to decide by what sort of movement his pursuer worked his sinuous way on his footsteps with such persevering hardihood.
This news was picked up by the New York Times which said: "Captive English Girl is Seen with Savages big, rawboned, devil-may-care fellows of great strength and hardihood, many of whom devote their whole existence to hunting, fighting, and brigandage.
The issue then rests with them, on their courage, their hardihood, their refusal to be beaten either by the cruel hazards of nature or by the fierce strength of their human enemy.
at 640 ("Parties guilty of the offense here alleged seldom possess the hardihood to speak out boldly and plainly, but deal in mysterious and ambiguous phrases.
Just outside the precincts of Belbury his path is blocked by an apparition of Wither, who has gained some ability to project his image at will: "And in one moment all that brittle hardihood was gone from Mark's mood.
Fifty and sixty years ago, before the introduction of cast-iron stoves, there was far more hardihood of body, and less liability to coughs, and all forms of pulmonary complaints.
But Turner's treatment of Lynette is productive, making us realize anew not only the hardihood she demonstrates while on quest with Gareth but also the hardihood she presumably evinced to arrive at court in the first place.
Y]et from time immemorial they have been treated as competent testimony, and no one would have the hardihood at this day to question their admissibility.
I reply that the "right," in a case such as this, depends absolutely upon the hardihood of that imagination which ventures to claim the right.
The point to be made here is that these two films offer visions of Australia that are at odds with the national mythology, which has enshrined the bush as the crucible of moral virtues and of (predominantly male) hardihood in the face of daunting challenges.