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Synonyms for hardheartedness

an absence of concern for the welfare of others

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In the paragraph immediately following the description of his masturbation, we are told that "the darkness of his sin was in the hardheartedness with which he resisted God's power; in the scorn" (19) that he feels toward his fellow church members.
Even with an action packed mystery, there is a certain blend of light hardheartedness making the pair of explorers real.
For Ambrose, the hardheartedness of the Jew that, according to Matthew 19:8, resulted in the possibility for a man to divorce his wife resembles the destructiveness of the heretic who induces a Christian to separate from the faith.
Trent taught in the doctrinal preface that Christ's grace confirms marriage's indissolubility; by defining with canon one that marriage is a sacrament that confers grace, the council definitively excludes the notion that hardheartedness is so inevitable in fallen humankind that Jesus never really expected even Christians to live out the God-given indissolubility he affirmed.
Too much reliance on empathy can lead to allegations of timidity or paralysis, and too little attention to empathy can trigger accusations of callous hardheartedness.
And if through no fault of his own the other party to a contract with you cannot perform his duties under the contract, you are not obliged to forbear to enforce your contract rights, even if the result of your hardheartedness is to force him into bankruptcy.
And given the hardheartedness and political ineptitude of the nation's bishops, similar success seems likely.
It has been replaced by blindness and hardheartedness.
A degree of hardheartedness would be justified if borrowers and lenders who sign subprime mortgage agreements were on equal terms.
Cases of hardheartedness, humiliation and malevolence are multiplying.
As events unfold, Vianne becomes a christological figure, delivering people from hardheartedness, misguided piety, and self-deception into joy and abundance.
While these words could offer a rigorous command about marriage and remarriage, they also offer the good news of Jesus' refusal to answer questions with Yes or No; rather, Jesus answers with a question to the community and with a challenge to hardheartedness.
Not only does the film draw a devastating portrait of official hardheartedness, it also lights a spark of pure defiance at the end, when over the grating voice of the clerk repeating, "Write down everything that you have done in your entire lifetime," the camera pans a wall of shelves sagging with hundreds of folders, each containing an "entire lifetime.