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Synonyms for hardheartedness

an absence of concern for the welfare of others

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Too much reliance on empathy can lead to allegations of timidity or paralysis, and too little attention to empathy can trigger accusations of callous hardheartedness.
And given the hardheartedness and political ineptitude of the nation's bishops, similar success seems likely.
It has been replaced by blindness and hardheartedness.
A degree of hardheartedness would be justified if borrowers and lenders who sign subprime mortgage agreements were on equal terms.
As events unfold, Vianne becomes a christological figure, delivering people from hardheartedness, misguided piety, and self-deception into joy and abundance.
While these words could offer a rigorous command about marriage and remarriage, they also offer the good news of Jesus' refusal to answer questions with Yes or No; rather, Jesus answers with a question to the community and with a challenge to hardheartedness.
Only then will we--and our children and their children--be saved from the hardheartedness that allowed it to happen and that could, at any time, allow it to happen again.
Lenin further averred that Sismondi "covers up his inability and unwillingness to make an analysis with petty-bourgeois moralizing;" (19) that his views reflect the "stupidity and hardheartedness of the small proprietor," or "smack of the dull-wittedness of the small French peasant of the Restoration;" (20) that Sismondi "exemplifies the combination of petty-bourgeois sentimental romanticism with phenomenal civic immaturity.
And so it was with great consternation that I read Mona Charen's column and found the same hardheartedness there.
History shows the alternative to either softheadedness or hardheartedness.