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a worker skilled in building offices or dwellings etc

a lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers

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The gear at issue included respirators, hardhats, chaps and other similar items.
Michael Sagermann, regional business line manager at Atlas Copco Middle East, said the ultra-durable HardHat design increased the life and resale value of the portable generator and helped bring down operational costs.
The first HardHat range of Atlas Copco portable air compressors are included in nine units delivered to contractors on the prestige Riffa Views Signature Estate development all delivered by local distributor Gulf Equipment and Technology (GET).
The jockey, who was wearing a riding hardhat, was seen to head-butt the five-year-old gelding before remounting.
Bruce Willis Judging by this pitiful titfer Bruce's latest film Die Hardhat with a Vengeance must have been a complete flop.
Steel hardhat and a copy of The Corporation (a history of U.
5 ounces and is equipped with a spring or suspender clip for attachment to clothing, belt or hardhat.
Add in a working crew of hardhat, carpenter, and painter ($9.
He also wasn't wearing a life preserver and hardhat, as required.
Available in three configurations: standard headband, neckband for use with or without hardhats and hardhat clip-in for use with slotted hardhats
Reddy, who wears a hardhat and carries a rake, encourages homeowners to trim low-hanging branches and clear brush around their homes.
Steubenville, Ohio, my home town, is a unique city in the Upper Ohio Valley that embodies all of the grit and hardhat mentality of a classic steel metropolis.
Woodsman Hardhat (under $30): With hearing, head, and face protection, this hardhat will protect you from being deafened by machine noise, whacked by falling branches, or blinded by flying chips.
Hardhat if there is a chance of being struck from above; and