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Synonyms for hardback

a book with cardboard or cloth or leather covers


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having a hard back or cover

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The black and white hardback page count range has expanded to 18 pages to 1000 pages (previously 108-740 pages).
Today's announcement of expanded page count ranges follows the recent addition of nine new full-color hardback formats, bring the total book formats available in full-color to fourteen.
For the first time the children's hardback edition, the adult hardback edition, a gift edition and the audio book version read by Stephen Fry will all be released at the same time.
What I'm seeing is greater differentiation in terms of the quality of textiles, whether it's genuine silk as opposed to poly/cotton, or in hardbacks, genuine linen versus similar poly/cotton," said Richard Cohon, chief executive officer of C.
Most paperbacks at the PDSA are priced at under pounds 1, and only good quality hardbacks would attract a higher price, hardback novels are frequently priced at pounds l
99 in hardback SEAN FRENCH AND NICCI GERRARD, WHO WRITE UNDER NICCI FRENCH SEAN FRENCH says: "I'm going to take Paraphernalia: The Curious Lives Of Magical Things, by Steven Connor (Profile, pounds 14.