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It's hard-wearing and easy to install, so is ideal for living areas, playrooms, hallways and bedrooms.
Glass 3 adds a sheer high-gloss finish that is as hard-wearing as it is
This multi-functional, hard-wearing tablet designed for children aged three to nine fol-lows on from the hugely successful LeapPad.
The hard-wearing clothes are machine washable, suitable for tumble drying and easy iron friendly.
Though polypropylene is hard-wearing and inexpensive, the SBID says this fibre soils quicker than any other pile fibre.
Mica-Flex E is a one-sixteenth-inch epoxy-based broadcast system finished with Dur-A-Flex's hard-wearing Armor Top urethane topcoat.
Ms Evans believes that having used the company's expertise in providing reconditioned equipment, this puts it in an excellent position to produce hard-wearing and high quality units.
Old metal mains are being replaced with hard-wearing plastic pipes which should last for 80 years as part of an ongoing pounds 10 million project.
The firm mixes marble dust from the same quarry used by Michelangelo with other materials to create a hard-wearing marble finish.
The durable jute and hard-wearing plastic bags are part of the store's BOBB, Bring Our Bag Back campaign.
The wilderness survivial expert joined with Craghoppers to produce a collection of durable and hard-wearing items of clothing and equipment.
Both notebooks feature Intel Centrino Duo processor technology and a matte black, hard-wearing textured plastic surface to minimize fingerprints, along with UV protection on the keyboard to guard keys from wear and tear.
It is highly tactile and therefore reassuring to use, yet extremely reliable and hard-wearing enough for the harshest of environments, such as outdoor and unsupervised locations.
She collected it and developed a range of hard-wearing products such as handbags and cellphone pouches.
Many companies have a hard-wearing slip resistant vinyl mounted on a firm foam backing.