hard-shell crab

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edible crab that has not recently molted and so has a hard shell

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Hard-shell crab predominated below 70 mm CL, old-shell crabs were more abundant from 75 to 100 mm CL, and most crabs >100 mm CL were classified as very-old-shell.
The objectives of this study were to quantify the density, distribution, and bycatch of DCPs in 6 selected waterbodies on the central and southern coast of North Carolina, from Core Sound south to Cape Fear River, within 3 habitat types typically fished by crabbers that use hard-shell crab pots, marsh creek, margin of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), and estuarine edge (within 50 m of shoreline).
The 6 waterbodies that we sampled accounted for, on average, 74% of fishery landings of hard-shell crab in crab pots and 61% of fishing trips for hard-shell crab during which crab pots were used in the area from Core Sound south to the South Carolina border (NCDMF (7)) from 2006 to 2008.
The number of cells to be sampled in each waterbody was determined by a weighting method for both the relative numbers of fishing trips with hard-shell crab pots (averaging NCDMF (7) data for 2006-2008) and the relative combined area of marsh creek, estuarine edge, and ICW-margin habitats within each waterbody.
2] in open water in the 6 waterbodies that produced 61-74% of the commercial hard-shell crab catch in 2006-2008 in North Carolina from Core Sound south to the South Carolina border.
18 medium-small live hard-shell crabs OR 8 to 12 larger live crabs