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In Anderson County's African-American community, the more pronounced trait goes by a simple name: "hard-headedness." Dr.
Beit Daras, lived up to its reputation of hard-headedness and tenacity, but many details remain murky, yet incredibly revealing and deserve more than a footnote.
But despite our own hard-headedness, sometimes there are some curious parallels.
Too bad its king can't match the hard-headedness he's shown in private with some candid public speaking about the real source of the Arab world's woes.
None of this hard-headedness, of course, is of any comfort to those who now face an uncertain future, and who must feel a mix of betrayal, shock and anger at the prospect of being thrown out of their chosen careers.
The best sports film and biopic ever made shows the rise of boxer Jake LaMotta and the fall that resulted from his arrogance and hard-headedness. De Niro stuns once again with Martin Scorsese directing him into greatness.
Now we hope the president will assemble a team that matches in competence and hard-headedness his own determination.
With characteristic hard-headedness that would serve him well in future times of crisis, Koga founded the company that bears his name 20 years ago.
As with other hard-core bands, the Detonators were loosely associated with the anarchy movement, but Hartnell says the hard-headedness of the cause eventually drove the band away.
Spanish helmer Manuel Martin Cuenca makes the case that Yankee hard-headedness helped push Castro ever further into the Soviet camp.
Cassidy also believes that Sheena's hard-headedness is the result of being a teen idol who "was taken advantage of" financially by management until she learned enough about show business to stand up for herself.
But Sian's new friend has a fearsome reputation for hard-headedness in business.
In this respect, Aptheker's hard-headedness is simply know-nothingism.
When fans speculated if she was referring to Salvador in her tweets, Desiderio immediately confirmed, and ranted about her 'hard-headedness.'
But the bookies disagree, and in sheer hard-headedness, the Winning Line has to agree.