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When she finally cracked open the faded cover, she found an action- packed tale of cowboys and cattle barons, shootouts and watering holes, soft-spoken but hard-fisted heroes and chaste women ever in need of protecting.
Squires's granddaddy and the grandfather, Dave White, was involved up to his own underarm holster, the author manages to give not only an insider's look at one of the most corrupt political machines that operated successfully for such a long while, but also a strong objective account of the day-to-day workings of such hard-fisted, smooth-talking, sleight-of-hand operators as:
I also wonder why it always has to be an Irishman or a Scot who plays the hard-drinking, hard-fisted loser.
At the end the facts of life were brought home to him by the hard-fisted American bargainers at Bretton Woods.
Blagojevich appealed to the senators in a 45-minute speech, defending himself as a practitioner of hard-fisted Chicago-style politics.