hard-boiled egg

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an egg boiled gently until both the white and the yolk solidify

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Jamshaid has a pot full of hard-boiled eggs that he keeps peeled and ready to serve.
PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH SP Cooked skinless chicken legs, pickled onions, gherkins, halved hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks, cherry tomatoes and an apple.
Margot says it's similar to how a raw egg with a runny center spins differently from a hard-boiled egg.
Margot says it's similar to how a raw egg with a runny interior spins differently from a hard-boiled egg. Mercury's peculiar spin is a clue that its interior is molten.
A three-ounce serving contains 6.4 g, the equivalent of one hard-boiled egg. (A good rule of thumb with boneless chicken is that approximately one-third of the total weight equals the amount of protein it contains.
Top sources of choline include meat, nuts, and eggs--with just one large, hard-boiled egg providing 112 mg, one-quarter of a woman's daily need.
WHILE fetching a hard-boiled egg from the high-growing weeds and brambles fringing the field beneath the ancient walls of the sandstone quarry, where snails canoodle, I came to the uncomfortable realisation that generations of bare-skinned Britons have been making exaggerated claims about the efficacy of the dock leaf as a balm for nettle stings.
Step 2: Place your hard-boiled egg into your safety device.
She fills hard-boiled egg whites with tuna--and adds a little mayonnaise and onion.
I had just explained to one of the other guests that I can blow a hard-boiled egg out of the shell about seven times out of ten.
To peel a hard-boiled egg easily pierce the shell of the egg with a pushpin before putting it into boiling water.
It was topped with a generous slice of ham, slices of chicken and hard-boiled egg wrapped in banana leaf.
PROPOINTS(r) VALUE: 4 SERVINGS: 1 PREPARATION TIME: 10 minutes Ingredients | 3 lettuce leaves | 1 large sliced tomato | 1 medium hard-boiled egg | 100g drained tuna in brine | 1/4 small finely sliced onion | 1 tbsp capers in brine | 1 tbsp fresh chopped parsley | 1 pinch salt, to season | Black freshly ground pepper Instructions | Place the lettuce leaves directly in the base of a lunchbox.
Infuriated by Ahmed's narrow victory, Asiedu kicked his hard-boiled egg around the exercise yard before stamping on it, according to the newspaper.