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a currency that is not likely to depreciate suddenly in value

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According to the estimations, some $47 billion of hard currency will be injected back to domestic financial system via exports by the end of the present Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2019).
Lack of hard currency can create shortages of basic goods ranging from staple foods to drugs and automobile parts.
Khartoum [Sudan], Sep 10 ( ANI ): Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has dissolved the country's government in an aim to fix the crisis-hit economy that has been complemented with shortages of bread, fuel, and hard currency in recent months.
However, restrictions on hard currency by the CBoS represent a big challenge impeding the development of the mining industry but also encourage traditional miners to smuggle their production to neighbouring countries.
The law, he stressed, incriminates smuggling of hard currency, attempting to smuggle hard currency as well as dealing with it or handling hard currency outside the banks or institutions or persons specified by the central bank to deal in hard currencies.
The Quantum Network, which is already up and running currently for standard hard currency banking settlement and accepted by several major banks in China and Asian region, has transmission capability beyond just optical fiber but mobile and low orbit satellites as well.
"North Korea continuously seeks ways to bring in hard currency, and one way is to steal or demand payment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, which can later be changed into dollars or yen or renminbi," O told The Korea Times.
The African Development Bank will help Nigeria to overcome its recession,but Nigeria should increase taxes and lift hard currency curbs to ease the dollar shortages choking the economy, its President said.
Summary: Could economic pressure and a dearth of hard currency tip Egypt over the edge?
Islamabad, Safar 29, 1437, December 11, 2015, SPA -- Pakistan's reserves of hard currency have risen to $ 20.45 billion, Central Bank of Pakistan announced today.
Updahyay joins HSBC's emerging markets debt portfolio management team to focus primarily on hard currency sovereign portfolios, along with hard and local currency benchmark portfolios.
BAGHDAD / Nina /--The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq by interim Ali al-Allaq denied news about the existence of a process to prevent the sale of dollar and hard currency, stressing that the Bank continues to sell dollar did not stop but follows a new mechanism.
Toyota said it would soon halt production at its only assembly plant in Venezuela because the world's largest automaker lacks hard currency to import parts due to government controls, reports AAP (Feb.
on countries that lack buffers such as hard currency reserves or policy
On the other hand, hard currency purchases by the local banks fell by 2.4 percent to SR2.38 trillion in the first nine months of 2013 compared to SR2.44 trillion in the same period last year, the report said.