hard currency

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a currency that is not likely to depreciate suddenly in value

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Since the beginning of last week, I have not received a single complaint of non-availability of hard currency for import, especially since all raw materials in the ports have been released during the past few days.
Another trader, Salah Omer has denounced the crackdown, adding that such campaign will not solve the crisis of the lack of hard currency in the country.
Davis joins the emerging markets debt portfolio engineering team as a trader, primarily responsible for trading hard currency sovereign and corporate bonds.
The government has responded by restricting Iranians' access to hard currency, rationing the dollars which it supplies to companies and individuals through the central bank and an official foreign exchange centre.
On his part, the Industry Minister - Engineer Abdul Wahab Osman has repeated the pledge of the CBOS for reimbursing 50% of hard currency for the importation medicines, while the rest 50% is borne by the pharmaceutical sector.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blamed Iran's enemies for undermining the currency, saying "ill-wishers keep buying up the dollar", forcing the state to inject hard currency into the market.
We are pleased to have reached this milestone because it demonstrates the demand for hard currency diversification," said Walter Mayerbach, Thalmann Commodities's executive director of business and product development.
Many Yemeni exchangers want to hide hard currency in light of difficult economic conditions and political instability.
It was agreed these deposits should be used to meet the financial needs of domestic projects through hard currency rather than rials so that the domestic inflation rate would not be aggravated," he said.
Dozens of cars and other goods will be up for bids payable in petrol coupons instead of hard currency.
Police raided the home of the 62-year-old - a vocal supporter of President Robert Mugabe - in the capital Harare, following a tip-off that he received rent for houses, apartments and shops he owns in hard currency, state radio reported.
The money now regularly surpasses traditional foreign direct investment and long ago left tourism in the dust as a generator of hard currency.
The ability to boost military spending is a fnnction of being 'prosperous,'" continues Hawkins, "and the massive American trade deficit with China gives Beijing the hard currency needed to finance foreign weapon acquisitions--mostly Russian systems designed to attack American targets.
Unfortunately, he repeats a common error when he writes, "Vietnam didn't do this all on its own--the IMF and World Bank encouraged grower countries to bulk up production as a natural source of hard currency.
Jere Skipper, the church's international policy analyst, said, "Diamonds are easily transported and provide a source of hard currency.