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(computer science) matter that is held in a computer and is typed or printed on paper

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'It can be used to send messages immediately than a hard copy photograph.
Reyes said peace consultant Adelberto Silva, who was similarly charged with the Tiamzons, has been released even without the hard copy of the court order.
Since I am now reading the magazine online, I no longer need to receive a hard copy. Hope many more switch to online reading to achieve maximum dollar savings.
For studies (e.g., Motoki, 2006; Murphy et al., 2003) cited above reporting no difference between electronic and hard copy modes, full text passages were presented equally in both electronic and hard copy conditions.
If you have previously submitted a hard copy, we invite you to forward an electronic version (in word or PDF) which we can make available via our website.
Although applicable specifically to taxpayers with assets of $10 million or more and other taxpayers who maintain computerized records not available in hard copy, the guidance generally addresses businesses.
For a hard copy of the handbook and CD, visit www.microsoft.com/products.
Q Our laboratory follows up every faxed lab report with a printed hard copy. Some doctors, however, do not like receiving multiple copies of the same report.
Annual subscription prices are $250 for the PDF version delivered by e-mail and for the print version delivered by mail, $262 for hard copy in Canada, $274 for overseas hard copy and for the PDF plus hard copy in the U.S., $286 for PDF plus hard copy in Canada, and $298 for PDF plus hard copy overseas.
Hard copy is available of the TAPPI Test Methods, which includes all of the TAPPI Official Test Methods, Provisional Test Methods, Classical Methods, and Standard Practices that are part of the set on the day that the customer's copy is printed.
The agency will continue to publish the hard copy of their pamphlets.
Affordable technology 'bridges' move records easily, even at the moment of transaction, between digital, hard copy, or microfilm as needed, easily and with indexing to support retention policies and retrievability.
My survey results showed, however, that by 1999, the opposite was true: respondents who were assumed to do the most editing (editors and writer-editors) were most likely to edit electronically, whereas peer-editing and non-editing writers were much more loyal to hard copy editing.
Who's Who in Logistics sells for $495 (hard copy only) or $995 for both the hard copy and an MS-Access searchable database version.
Companies signing up for the service can have any hard copy mail they receive scanned and turned into a digital format which will then be sent by e-mail to the intended employee.