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But Orpin and his partners, John Hanley and Trey Holt, sought to make their authority to manufacture hard cider explicit under state law.
Jesse Kranyak, festival co-founder and owner of the Wurst Bar shares, "Many people do not know how diverse hard cider is.
The novel soars with passages about upper Michigan's unique beauty, as well as through Abbie's instinctive love for nature and her captivating excitement as she steps into a cider house, with its "sweet dank warmth and the powerful smells of a packed earth floor, crushed apples, and hay." Hard Cider is a story about following a dream, but not without the planning and perspective needed to turn passion into reality.
"Cider plays an important role in reaching consumers and playing in specific occasions where beer cannot," says Eric Markus, Brand Director, Strongbow Hard Ciders. "In 2018, Strongbow is focused on recruiting wine drinkers into the cider category and will capitalize on the fact that nearly two-thirds of wine drinkers who try cider become cider drinkers."
Two years ago, WildCraft launched a community-wide fruit drive, asking local residents to bring in their surplus apples, pears and plums in exchange for juice, hard cider or other perks, including tickets to its annual harvest party.
Although now, in the last five years, it's kind of taken off, with the hard cider renaissance that is happening here.
Hard cider? How important is texture and do you find any particularly appealing or off-putting?
* Flexo Impressions, a label and shrink sleeve printer in Savage, MN, USA, was awarded a "Benny," the highest honor in the 2015 Premier Print Awards, for their Hard Cider WoodVeneer Label.
Far more likely, a rather tart, bitter apple best used to create, you guessed it, hard cider.
The Perfect hard cider glass targets one of the newest and fastest growing segments in craft brewing, Libbey said.
On a table near the back wall, we found a neat row of three signature varieties of hard cider sold by owner Diane Flynt, and with a quick glimpse to the right, we could see the steel tanks where apples were metamorphosing into hard cider.
The Boston Globe reports that Boston Beer Co.'s hottest brand is Angry Orchard hard cider. The company produced 690,000 barrels of the stuff in 2012, an increase of nearly 70 percent over the previous year.
Woodchuck Hard Cider of Middlebury, VT, has released a new draft-only 5% abv Woodchuck Hopped Apple Cider.
A recent report from market researcher Mintel contends that Americans are drinking less domestic beer and opting increasingly for craft beers, hard cider, and wine and spirits.