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Once absorbed, stir in basil and Parmesan cheese or vegetarian hard cheese.
Pour this over the top of the pasta sheets and sprinkle over the remaining hard cheese.
Tip the pasta into a baking dish, and top with additional cheese, preferably hard cheese such as cheddar or parmesan, then bake for 25-30 mins until golden and bubbling.
40g hard cheese, such as Parmesan, finely grated, plus extra to garnish
Tip the pasta into a baking dish and top with additional cheese, preferable some hard cheese such as cheddar or Parmesan, then bake for 25-30 mins, until golden and bubbling.
Hard cheeses have the least moisture of all the categories.
The company was the strongest player in unpackaged hard cheese.
No, the problem was that hard cheese was made by non-Jews.
Choose 350ml skimmed or 250ml semi-skimmed milk, or 30g full-fat hard cheese or 40g reduced-fat hard cheese every day.
The two hard cheeses offered by Treeline, Classic Hard Cheese, which has a smoky flavor and edible rind, and Cracked Pepper Hard Cheese, which is tangy and dusted with spicy, freshly-cracked black pepper, are less convincing as animal-based cheese stand-ins than the soft varieties, but are still impressive.
The extra-long ripened Prima Donna forte also won bronze in the category "Any very hard cheese" with its strong and sweet, nutty taste.
"For a cheeseboard you definitely want to have a hard cheese, a soft cheese and a blue cheese," recommends Pip Peagram, manager of Paxton and Whitfield in Stratfordupon-Avon and an expert on the savoury slice.
Almost any hard cheese can be used in the sauce but I would recommend something local from the large selection produced by Doddington Cheese (www.doddingtondairy.
British Cheese Board that worked alongside the chemists, said that after 'careful consideration of optimum grilling conditions' and the width and breadth of the cheese and bread, they came up with the following recipe: 150g of hard cheese on white bread that is grilled for four minutes at 115C, 18cm from the grill, the Independent reported.
Sinead Fitzsimons, R&D Manager (Hard Cheese) for Dairygold, won the inaugural PAPA Technical Excellence Award at the Awards dinner recently.