nuclear cataract

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a cataract that affects the nucleus of the lens

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hard cataracts, subluxated cataracts, were also excluded.
25,26,27,28) Effective phaco time is shorter and total phaco time is longer with hard cataracts, but no significant differences emerged in our analysis of the association between SIA and cataract severity.
22) Femtosecond laser systems pre-treat the lens by using fragmentation patterns to segment the nucleus and soften hard cataracts, which can reduce the amount of ultrasonic energy from the phacoemulsification probe.
Use of side port may be limited to some selective cases of small pupil especially having PXF, some hard cataracts and when intraoperative pupillary mydriasis not maintained.
However, there are cases where ECCE might be a safer alternative for the patient such as rock hard cataracts, Fuchs's dystrophy, extremely shallow chambers, poor zonular support and with less experienced phaco surgeons.