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The Scots will be rewarded with hard cash if they reach the final - plus a place in the World Twenty/20 Championships in South Africa.
Although there are no shiny Cadillacs or cold, hard cash offerings for winners, the incentive is the top-dog recognition among other amateur radio operators.
He also ruled out any chance of a player-swap deal, with Cardiff seeking hard cash for the 19-year-old striker.
3 in early exchanges, the hard cash started to pile on at that price, with over pounds 25,000 matched at rates down to 4.
If you're successful in rescuing the Republican Party from the religious extremists who have held it hostage for almost two decades, you guys will have to say goodbye to a lot of cold, hard cash.
The ten contestants enthusiastically melted their way to thousands of dollars in cold hard cash prizes, ranging from $100 to $2,000, frozen inside massive 20" x 30" ice sculptures shaped to represent the most popular items for which people borrow money.
The contest had over 1,500 spectators, and over $10,000 in cold hard cash.
The first book, Hard Cash, received a favorable review in KLIATT in November 2003.
But when he does consider his options, O'Sullivan is hoping his star will choose longevity over hard cash.
The fact is that North Korea has nukes, and it has shown that it is all too happy to export any military technology to get its hands on hard cash.
The milk board originally approached 20 towns with the idea ot changing their name in exchange for hard cash, but only Biggs responded.
He notes that some start-ups also spend too much time pursuing corporations' "strategic alliance programs," which provide helpful technology and advice to startups but rarely hand over hard cash.
If you had enough leverage on a transaction, you could raise the equity capital from investors who, if they were in a high enough tax bracket, never really had to put up any hard cash at all.
Lenders are tightening loan criteria on the borrower's terms sheets and requiring equity to be in the form of hard cash for new projects and stronger collateral for projects being refinanced.