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small spotted seal of coastal waters of the northern hemisphere

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Histologic analysis and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) of a Batai virus BATV)-infected harbor seal, Germany, 2016.
Harbor seals, which can be identified by their (http://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/pr/species/mammals/seals/harbor-seal.html) spotted gray coats , were particularly at risk because of how close they stay to the coast, and the sounds are most powerful within about 30 miles of the coast.
The results of the review yielded 48 papers, reports, or theses that were directly relevant to Harbor Seal foraging for their descriptions of spatial behavior, quantitative and qualitative dietary analysis, or examination of potential fisheries interactions within the northern CCLME.
Other studies also have found that harbor seal counts are affected by environmental factors, but such factors can be site specific or might not be detected in a study because of the limited range of conditions under which surveys were conducted (e.g., Boveng et al., 2003; Simpkins et al., 2003; Jemison et al., 2006, Jansen et al., 2015).
At five months old, harbor seal 'Pup 2014' is healthy and learning how to receive daily meals from his trainers.
In contrast to our study, a study conducted in 1993 that evaluated the diet of wolves in Adams Inlet, an area 37 km north of our study area, showed that moose occurred in less than 3% of wolf scats classified as moderate age (i.e., representing late spring-early summer wolf diets; n = 68), whereas harbor seal was observed in 41% of wolf scats (Meiklejohn, 1994).
To learn how increases in the human population can affect animals' environments and behaviors, and how some people are helping to combat this problem for the harbor seals around Seattle, Washington.
For the former, harbor seal pups from five sites were compared for circulating TH concentrations and steady-state mRNA expression levels in skin and blubber biopsy samples.
He proposes that these spry predators would first hunt the fat, docile harbor seals. Once those prey dwindled, orcas would settle for the smaller fur seals and aggressive sea lions.
The New England multispecies sink gillnet fishery is responsible for the majority of the harbor seal incidental take in New England waters, with a mean average annual mortality of 934 seals from 1993 to 1997 (Waring et al., 1999b).
The loss of major dorsal circulation in the harbor seal foreflipper is noteworthy because these seals do not regularly haul-out onto iceflows.
We calculated the molar ratio of THg to Se (THg:Se) and the ratio of THg to MeHg (THg:MeHg) for Harbor Seal adults and neonates from the present study.
Available information on harbor seal diets, primarily derived from scat analysis, suggests that adult salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.), Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii), and gadids predominate.
Every spring, harbor seals give birth to pups on secluded Pacific beaches and reefs.
However, the troubled girl doesn't want any part of the plan, showing affection only for the harbor seals, which remind her of her "real mother".