harbor patrol

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patrol of officers who police a harbor area

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Sharpe said divers from his group had witnessed how members of the harbor patrol unit defended unlicensed shipwreck salvage operators instead of "arresting them."
This boundary takes some of these Sailors to the sea in harbor patrol units, to guard any American ship that moor in the Bahrain Port.
Contract awarded for Harbor patrol boats Purchase supplies commercial vessels
Riggitano plummet to her death in the Hudson River at approximately 4:40 p.m.; her body was quickly recovered by harbor patrol.
Pre-Bid Conference will held on Mar 29, 2016 11:00:00 AM PDT, Newport Harbor Patrol Headquarters1901 Bayside Drive, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625.
A spokesman for Wagner said that after waiting for about 10 minutes with no sign of Wood, Wagner went outside to look for her elsewhere before finally calling the Harbor Patrol. The death was officially ruled accidental after Wood's body was found around 8 a.m.
Contract awarded for Harbor patrol boats substitute dried basic and detailed design services
Launched in Southern California in 1956 by John Norek, Crystaliner, was an expert in fiberglass recreational and commercial boats that were especially popular with lifeguards, harbor patrol and rescue operations.
Special operations forces, K9 teams, harbor patrols and, ship inspectors were deployed to ensure the security in various Philippine ports.
Among plans being considered are the installation of sea marshals, harbor patrols and monitoring.
Initially, says Shipley, the Tuskegee fighters got the lackluster job of flying harbor patrols, scouting for enemy ships and submarines.
Coast Guard with activities such as harbor patrols and vessel safety checks - operate A Burial At Sea, a maritime funeral service that delivers ashes at sea.